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The Cheap & Cheerful 6-Pack...

Our "Cheap & Cheerful" special selection offers exciting wines of great value. And your Cheap & Cheerful six pack box is worth 50 cents if you recycle them here!

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April 2018 Cheap & Cheerful Red six-pack AKA C&C 6-pack: $65.70

In this month’s hand-picked Cheap & Cheerful Six-Packs. You will find incredible wine values from around the globe. The price reflects 10% off if you buy the following six wines Red or White - your reward for trusting me. These wines are ready and waiting for you to pick-up! Mix the white and red up if you wish! (These wines can be purchased individually or by the case!) The Wine Club without rules! But, it does RULE! Something for everyone!

  • 2015 Canvas Cabernet Sauvignon California $14
    Dark garnet in color. On the palate there are loads of dark fruits, plum, oak and fine tannins throughout. Straight forward for sure, and nothing layered or complex, but I could do this as an everyday glass, no problem!
  • 2015 Ferrandiere Syrah France $10
    First impression violet, then hints of woodland. Rounder, generous with a with a long finish. Food pairing: meats cooked in sauce and roasted duckling
  • 2015 Bonny Doon $%&*#1 Merlot CA. $14
    You may well be looking at me sideways for saying it, but I will be drinking some $%&*#! Merlot.
    Good, deep ruby color, with a lovely dusty aroma of fraise de bois, licorice and gingerbread, with the subtlest suggestion of garrigue de Provence; Quite elegant on the palate when first opened, the wine continues to build in amplitude in the glass with more air. The Merlot has wonderful natural acidity (go figure!), medium tannins and great persistence
  • 2015 Motorosso Vino Rosso Italy $10
    Motorosso is a lively, easy going blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese from the Veneto. There is, of course, a dramatic story behind the playful name and imagery. You can experience
  • 2015 Chateau Malbat Bordeaux France $11
    The wine is rich and packed with superripe blackberry fruits. While there is acidity to keep the wine crisp, it does have a heavy feel to it from the high alcohol that also brings a pepper edge. Drink from 2018.
  • 2014 Sharecroppers Syrah WA $14
    This bold Syrah has hues of dark Ruby with aromas of blackberry, candied cherries and allspice. Hints of tobacco and anise are layered amongst fruit notes of red plum, cranberry and dusty earth. Balanced acidity and brambleberry nuances lead to a lasting, mouthwatering finish.

April White Cheap & Cheerful 2018 $67.95

  • 2017 The Crosssing Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand $12
  • 2014 Canvas Chardonnay CA $14
  • 2017 Rainstorm Pinot Gris, OR. $12.50 Adami Gabrèl Prosecco Italy $13
  • 2017 Wiseguy Sauvignon Blanc Columbia Valley $12
  • 2016 La Berrière Muscadet Sur Lie $12